With over 40 years of experience, PCiRoads continues to be an industry leader in concrete paving. Our portfolio of work includes hundreds of miles of durable and smooth concrete on interstate and county highways, municipal streets and airports across the Midwest. Many of these projects have received regional and national awards of recognition for their quality and exceptional ride. PCiRoads owes this achievement to our veteran crews and their managers. They are innovators and problem solvers, with the ability to place quality concrete pavements in the most demanding situations.

PCiRoads is a proven concrete paver. We are committed to providing the best surfaced roadways for generations to come.

Pavement Repair

All pavement – even concrete – will deteriorate over time. Cracks develop, surfaces spall, and pavement joints begin to fail. The result is poor ride quality and eventually the need for repairs. PCiRoads specializes in all areas of concrete pavement repairs. Our veteran crews use state-of-the-art methods, equipment and materials to renew the surface and restore ride quality. This is typically accomplished with full and partial depth panel repairs and dowel bar retrofitting.

PCiRoads is an industry leader in concrete pavement repairs throughout the Midwest, constantly establishing innovative and more efficient ways to get the job done. We welcome the challenge of fast paced and tightly scheduled projects.

Concrete Rail / Median Barrier

As one of the premier slip-form contractors in the Midwest, PCiRoads provides quality concrete bridge railing and concrete median barrier in a variety of designs, sizes, and surface finishes. Hundreds of miles of our rail and barrier can be found on prominent bridges and interstate highways across Minnesota and surrounding states.  Typical styles of median barrier include A, A-A, Step Barrier and Transition. Concrete bridge railing is available with an optional rock texture.

The slip-form process, when combined with our specialized crew and Gomaco equipment, produces a uniformly superior product. PCiRoads’ concrete bridge rail and barrier consistently meets or exceeds all state and federal DOT specifications.